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  • Unlimited data is something many Fulltimers and "Most Timers" crave. However, 'unlimited' doesn't mean the same thing for each plan.
    Here's a very informative article on the unlimited cellular data plans out there, and what you need to know about how each carrier treats their unlimited data plans and what options are available.  Learn how to get a stronger signal when using your phone, hot spot, or even campground WiFi.  Want an unlimited data plan?  Explore the options in the "Mobile Internet Handbook".  (Scroll down to the Gadgets section). 

  • Need a step brace for your rig?  Check out the "Gizmo" section below.  03/03/16 

  • RV Tow Check "RV Tow Check is the only trailer towing calculator app of its kind that supports all manufacturers' weight safety and warranty warnings. ... This is the only towing calculator app RV owners need to use that answers the most often asked question, 'How much can my truck or SUV tow?' RV Tow Check complies with SAE J2807 trailer weight rating (TWR) calculation guidelines." 02/29/16

  • Don't get caught in an unsafe driving scenario on your trip.  Avoid low bridges and other "gotchas" ahead of time!  02/15/2016

  • Want to know which stations have easy RV access? "The RVers Friend" book tells all.  See it under Gadgets and Gizmos below.  01/21/16

  • Been thinking about a continuous hot water system? Read this  01/15/16
  • Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor, demonstrates how the recently developed 360 Siphon Vent effectively removes odors inside an RV by exhausting them out the roof vent before they have a chance to invade the RV living space.  Watch the demo video below.  01/09/16
  • Been considering the new Lithium batteries for your rig? Here's an Interesting Article written by someone that installed them. 01/04/16

  • If you have a  2013-2015 Lifestyle or Bayhill with an Atwood on demand water heater, they are being recalledIf you, or your dealer, registered your rig, you should be contacted by Evergreen. 01/03/16

  • Do you have to pull your RV into a weigh station when traveling?  The answer depends on the individual state law.  Be sure to read "RV tip of the Day" Part 1 and Part 2 to see the laws in the states you travel through.  You will be quite surprised.  12/23

  • New tool to remove decals from your rig - Read all about it or See video below 12/20

  • Thinking of trading for a different RV?  This informative article  shares dealer scams, rebate rip-offs, and "tales from the trenches" that reveal RV salesmen tricks and some of their sales pitches to look out for. The author says that since you can't determine how much the dealer paid for the RV like you can with cars, The MSRP of a rig priced at $176,500, could have a sales price of $131,000. You can see that at this price level a 35% drop is possible. On coaches selling in the $100,000 range the discount should be 18%-25%. On lower priced units, you might try 10%-15%. 12/16/15

  • Towing or cruising to Mexico?  AT&T announces No Charge  Mexican Roaming Bonus

Windows ALERT! 
If you have your PC set to download Windows updates automatically, Microsoft may have already downloaded Windows 10 onto your machine.   IF  you do NOT want to upgrade to Windows 10, Read this .   If you are on a cellular limited data plan this "hidden download" could gobble up your entire monthly data allotment.  This article tells how to tell if it has already downloaded (without your knowledge), and how to get rid of it if you don't want it. 
  • If you are on a limited data plan, be very careful.  You can choose to have Windows 10 not automatically install its updates, but Windows 10 will still automatically DOWNLOAD the updates . . . and that's what eats your data plan.  You must set each WiFi connection you use as "Metered" to avoid this. If you connect to your router via a cable, you cannot set the connection to metered and the download will happen automatically  See Details Here.  

  • The second concern for mobile data users is "connection sharing" for updates See Details Here .    Here's how to  Turn Off shared Updates

  • If you still have Quick Time on your PC (for video viewing), Homeland Security advises you to Remove It. 04/22/2016 hello