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The RV Travel Club
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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


2021 Grand National Rally


September 20-24, 2021


Coronavirus Update

The Grand National Rally is scheduled for 2021. Look here for more information.


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Quick Tips

  • In the event that you lose power, always put a quarter on top of a frozen glass of water in your freezer.  When you return home from a long day away from the RV, open the freezer door and make sure that the water is still frozen and the quarter is still on top of the cup. If the quarter is at the bottom of the cup, you'll know that the frig and freezer turned off, allowing the ice to melt. (

Useful Info

  • New Name tags can be ordered now.  Name Tag Order Form

  • Here's a handy gadget that lets you know how much water you are putting into your tanks! Digital Water Flow Meter 

  • RV Safety Info  everyone should know

  • Do you have an adequate  tow vehicle for your RV?

  • Need to scan a document? Do it on your phone!

  • Having your mail held or forwarded?

    If you have your mail held or forwarded when you travel, the post office has a really useful new service called "Informed Delivery". You can sign up online, then they will send you an email showing an image of all letter sized mail that is scheduled to be delivered that day.  You receive this whether your mail is actually being delivered or it is being held.

    If your mail is being forwarded, you can sign up for a second address (the one it's being forwarded to) and you will see what's being forwarded to the second address.

    Since it can often take a week for forwarded mail to arrive, this is especially useful if you're wondering if something specific you are looking for has been received and forwarded.

    For details, see:

  • New complimentary membership letter that is suitable for all self-contained RV owners is now on the menu.  Print and have handy when you want to invite someone to join.

Gadgets, Gizmos & Resources


Tips, fixes and Upgrade Videos
See menu item "Tips, Fixes, Gadgets and Upgrades"

Welcome to The RV Travel Club!

For over 40 years our club has provided its members with the means to gather and share common interests.  Information regarding the operation and maintenance of our rigs and other RV products and services is shared at our camp-outs, our rallies, and through the many forums on the "member only" pages of this website.


Owners of all self-contained RVs are invited to join The RV Travel Club and see all the club has to offer.  Membership is only $20 per year.  We enjoy great times and are always looking for like-minded folks to share them with. Read our Benefits Section to learn more about the club and what we do.

Be sure and check out the Highlights page of our most recent National Rallies (on the site menu) and see for yourself what a fun time we have! Then visit a chapter function or become a member and attend one of our national rallies to join in on the fun and fellowship